Friday, 28 October 2011

All Things ANYA

Its that favourite time of year again... being proud to be called a Trini! Our very own, Anya Ayoung-Chee has won Season 9 of  Project Runway making  our twin isle, and the region eternally proud. She not only won the coveted prize but also ripped the runway with the viewer's choice award, with her votes surpassing the combined votes of all her competitors and for any season in the history of the show. We were all glued to our televisions, facebook and bbm updates last night, nails biting, holding in farts (well in some cases) as we kept guessing if she had in fact won.

When it was announced she was the winner, it did not matter where in the world you were, what (or who) you were doing, once your passport was stamped 'trinbagonian' the news reached you. Last night it was okay to hear your neighbour screaming past 10pm at night and not think it to be a cry for help, but rather a yelp of victory or jubilee. It's 11 hours since she was crowned the winner and my 32 teeth still have not found their way back to their assigned spots in my mouth.

For those of you, who are not trini, or don't know any, here is an idea of what being a trini the morning after is like .... 

The average trini is truly happy this morning smiling for no reason, listening to soca and looking for a miniature flag to hang from their cars.  30 % of them are at their desks, 10% might be at their homes, 5% on the beach and the other  55%  have dedicated the entire day today and the weekend to telling off anyone and everyone who dares to make a negative comment about Anya, or Trinidad and Tobago.

Bar sales will be at an all time high from about 10am today, actually  make that 9.30 lunches will not be their typical hour and a half but more like two hours  which means if you have to go to a government office you should try to get there before 130pm . From the looks of things everyone is well dressed, most are adorned in local wear, and something tells me Radical Design's sales will quadruple by the end of the business day. Benjai's song has already been remixed to 'and they love how trinis could sew sew sew sew sew'

Lifetime Network had to have smiled all the way to the bank last night after finally getting thousands of men to look at their programming and with their significant others or spouses too. last night was proably the first time in years, it didnt matter to many women whether her man had come home last night.

 Anya you have represented your country and we are proud. This victory is even more personal to me, because ... Your story inspired me in a very diferent way.

 Like yourself, I felt the brunt of having my name in a negative light published in a newspaper. You have shown me that if you can rise from that situation and go on to conquer your world, so can I.

Anya, well done, and thank you!

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  1. Great post Kiffy!...I was at a party in Manhattan when I checked twitter and found out she won...I was quick to tell all my friends that a good "friend" of mine from Trini just won Project Runway..some of them were as excited as me and others were like "what is project runway?"...haha...anyway the news made my night and I partied until 5.30 in the morn and was at my desk at work by 8.30!!...I also made sure to change my facebook profile pic to the one I took with Anya at carnival 2 yrs ago...and I showed everybody and said " me and meh fren" hahaha